Use it – or lose out on significant commercial benefits

How are you using your Apprenticeship Levy? Are you getting as much out of it as you’re putting in?

In this Quick Guide Pearson clears the confusion around the Apprenticeship Levy and explain exactly how organisations who pay into the Levy can reap significant commercial rewards.

• Save on graduate recruitment

• Unlock significant funding

• Recoup your contributions

• Upskill your existing workforce

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Pearson TQ works closely with employers to take full advantage of the Apprenticeship Levy - maximising their investment, enriching existing management talent and shaping their future leaders.

With a range of management apprenticeship programmes from level 3 to 7, we are able to provide a fully comprehensive service, tailored to the specific needs and corporate strategy of each business: 

  • Training design and delivery
  • 360 feedback
  • End Point Analysis (EPA), via a fully independent body approved by the Skills Funding Agency*. 

A Guide to the Apprenticeship Levy for Finance Directors and Managers

Download the new guide now and discover how much your organisation stands to gain by using the Apprenticeship Levy effectively:

* Pearson TQ can work with any EPA provider you choose, but we also have our own EPA organisation, which is completely separate to our training division. You can work with Pearson’s EPA whether we provide your training or not.

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